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1. A Mobile library bus Service Under the “Ghar Ghar Dastak Ghar Ghar Pustak” Scheme was launched in Which City ?

     A- Pune       B-  Agra

    C- Bhopal    D- New Delhi 

Ans- Option- D

2. Centre has approved to increase the Strength of Supreme Court Judges from 30 to ___ ?

     A-  32      B-  33

     C-  34       D-  35

Ans- Option- B

3. Who is the Author of the book Super Century- What India Must Do To Rise by 2050 ?

      A- Raghav Bahl     B- Rajat Sharma

      C- Vinod Dua          D- Rahu Kanwal

Ans- Option- A

4. India and which Country have launched A joint initiative named Innovating for Clean Air (IFCA) ?

      A- Germany     B- Serbia

     C -France          D- United Kingdom 

Ans- Option- D

5. Scientists from Which IIT has developed Eco- friendly Solar cells by using “kumkum dye” ?

     A- IIT Roorkee          B- IIT Delhi 

     C- IIT Hyderabad    D- IIT Madras 

Ans- Option- C

6. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) would set up a Pashmina Testing Centre in Which City ?

      A- Leh           B- Gangtok

      C- Itanagar   D- Kohima

Ans- Option- A

7. India has promised to Extend an Assistant of USD 500,000 to Which African Country ?

     A- Cape Verde     B- Gambia

     C- Ghana              D- Burkina Faso

Ans- Option- B

8. According to QS Best Student Cities Ranking, Which City has been named the world’s best City for Students ?

      A- Tokyo       B- Melbourne 

      C- London     D- New York 

Ans- Option- C

9. Which Cricketer was honoured With Bharat Gaurav Award by East Bengal Club ?

     A- Sourav Ganguly     B- Kapil Dev

     C- Sunil Gavaskar       D- Rahul Dravid

Ans- Option- B

10. WorldSkills International Competition 2019 also known as Olympics for Skills will held in Which Country ?

      A- Russia     B- Japan 

     C- China       D- South Korea 

Ans- Option- A

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