Posted on: March 5, 2021 | Author: Odisha Job Alert | Category: App Review

Amazing Android App 2021 – Voice Commands | Bip it voice commands will make your life a lot easier by doing exactly what you are saying! Bip it voice commands has an auto detect driving mode.

When Bip it enters driving mode you can open the app by saying “Execute Bip it” and then whoa, you can call, navigate to anywhere, schedule a meeting or a reminder, you even can search for a song to hear, and ALL of these wonderful things you will be doing without touching your phone only with the help of your voice and with very easy and short voice commands.

Please note: We recommend not to send SMS & WhatsApp messages with Bip it during driving, since it involves touching the phone and manually sending the messages. No subscription plans, actually you don’t even have to sign up! Just enjoy & drive safe. Amazing Android App 2021 – Voice Commands.

Amazing Android App 2021 -  Voice Commands

Bip it Voice commands is your personal voice assistant, which helps you by translating From 25 different languages, and in addition to that it can open the camera and take picture or videos for you, just by a voice command ! Too Good to be true ? Well, download and see…

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