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1. Which Country has Won the Africa Cup of Nations ?

     A- Nigeria      B- Algeria 

     C- Senegal     D- Cameroon 

Ans- Option- B

2. Who has been Appointed as the Joint Secretary to the President?

     A- Fagu Chauhan    B- Kalraj Mishra 

     C- Vivek Kumar       D- Ajay Bhadoo

Ans- Option- D

3. International Chess Day 2019 was Observed ?

     A- July 21    B- July 22

     C- July 20     D- July 19

Ans- Option- C

4. Who among the Following has won the Indonesia Open 2019 in Jakarta ?

    A- P.V. Sindhu     B- Akane Yamaguchi 

    C- Wang Yihan   D- Carolina Marin

Ans- Option- B

5. The 2019 Durand Cup will be held in Which State ?

    A- Kolkata    B- New Delhi 

    C- Assam      D- Bangalore 

Ans- Option- A

6. Which Country has recently destroyed its space station named Tiangong-2 ?

     A- Japan    B- Russia 

    C- Israel     D- China 

Ans- Option- D

7- Who has been chosen for the Sangita Kalanidhi Award of the Music Academy ?

     A- S. Soumya     B- Vidya Subramanian

     C- T. Muktha     D- Arun Sairam

Ans- Option- A

8. When Pradhan Mantri KISAN Samman Nidhi Scheme Launched ?

     A- 2019      B- 2018

     C- 2016      D- 2017

Ans- Option- B

9. Which among the Following is the longest Bridge constructed by Border Roads Organization ?

    A- Maitri Bridge   B- Chamesahn’s Bridge 

    C- Ujh Bridge        D- None of These 

Ans- Option- C

10. Eleventh DefExpo India- 2020 to be held in ___ ?

     A- Lucknow    B- Chennai 

     C- Mumbai      D- Hyderabad 

Ans- Option- A

11. Recently Mange Ram Garg Passed away.  He was a famous ___?

      A- Journalist         B- Writer 

      C- Film Director   D- Politician 

Ans- Option- D

12. Peter McNamara who Passed away recently was associated With Which Sports ?

     A- Badminton   B- Tennis 

     C- Chess             D- Golf 

Ans- Option- B

13. Who has Won British Open 2019 Golf Title ?

      A- Shane Lowry        B- Max Verstappen 

      C- Lewis Hamilton   D- Padriag Harrington 

Ans- Option- A

14. What is the Schedule date to begin Japan Open Badminton 2019 ___ ?

       A- July 30     B- July 29

       C- July 23     D- July 27

Ans- Option- C

15. ‘Happiness Utsav’ was recently launched in Schools of Which State/UT ?

      A- Chandigarh   B- New Delhi 

      C- Gujarat           D- Madhya Pradesh 

Ans- Option- B

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