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1. Which State will set  up India’s First Space Tech Park ?

     A- Odisha      B- Tamil Nadu 

     C- Kerala       D- Gujarat 

Ans- Option- C

2- The 10 jagran Film festival was inaugurated in Which Indian State ?

    A- Delhi      B- Chandigarh 

    C- Odisha    D- Maharashtra 

Ans- Option- A

3- 11th Edition of the biennial Defexpo will be held in Which City in 2020 ?

     A- Bhopal     B- Lucknow 

     C- Pune        D- New Delhi 

Ans- Option- B

4- Who won Intercontinental Cup Title ?

    A- Indonesia     B- Saudi Arabia 

    C- Pakistan        D- North Korea 

Ans- Option- D

5- R.N.Ravi has been appointed as the Governor of Which of the Following Indian State ?

    A- West Bengal   B- Tripura 

    C- Nagaland        D- Bihar

Ans- Option- C

6- Which Payments Bank has shut down its Operations within 18 months of getting the License from RBI ?

    A- Aditya Birla   B- India Post

    C- Fino                 D- Airtel

Ans- Option- A

7- Who among the Following has Released the AIFF Golden Baby Leagues Handbook ?

     A- Jitendra Singh   B- Rajnath Singh

    C- Kiren Rijiju        D- Prakash Javadekar

Ans- Option- C

8- Wher was the ISSF Junior World Cup 2019 held ?

     A- Germany      B- Tokyo 

     C- China             D- North Korea 

Ans- Option- A

9. Which State has launched Student Police Cadet (SPC) Scheme, a Police Training Program, for class 8 & 9 Students ?

    A- Gujarat       B- Madhya Pradesh 

    C- Rajasthan   D- Himachal Pradesh 

Ans- Option- C

10. Which Country has Won 21st Commonwealth Table Tennis Championship in women’s Team Category ?

     A- England    B- India

     C- Germany   D- Japan 

Ans- Option- B

11. Upendra Singh Rawat has been appointed to India’s Next Ambassador to Which Country ?

    A- Israel    B- Saudi Arabia 

    C- China    D- Panama 

Ans- Option- D

12. ‘Hand in Hand’ is major military exercise between India and ___ ?

    A- Nepal        B- Vietnam

    C- China         D- Bangladesh 

Ans- Option- C

13. Which Country has topped the medal Tally in the ISSF Junior World Cup 2019 ?

    A- India    B- Japan 

    C- China   D- Australia 

Ans- Option- A

14. Who has Secured First Position at FGC CALLAWAY Junior World Golf Championship 2019 ?

     A- Joshua Bai   B- Jeremy Chen

     C- Andre Zhu   D- Arjun Bhati

Ans- Option- D

15. Who has been elected as the Chairman of Commonwealth Table Tennis Federation (CTTF) ?

    A- Carole Knight    B- Vivek Kohli

    C- Trevor Taylor    D- Alan Ransome 

Ans- Option- B

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