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1. Medicine from the Sky is a pilot Project of Which State Government ?

    A- Odisha    B- Telangana 

    C- Kerala     D- Andhra Pradesh 

Ans- Option- B


2. Who among the Following has been appointed as Private Secretary to PM Modi ?

    A- Ajaydeep Soni    B- Sujeet Pal

    C- Rahul Shankar   D- Vivek Kumar 

Ans- Option- D


3. Which State Traffic Police Launch New E-Payment System to Overcome Corruption ?

    A- Delhi     B- Tamil Nadu 

    C- Bihar     D- Kerala 

Ans- Option- A


4. Name the first foreign Bank which will launch its Operation at GIFT IFSC ?

     A- CDS Bank    B- Deutsche Bank 

     C- Citibank      D- Standard Chartered 

Ans- Option- D


5. How many Cricketers have been inducted in the International Cricket Council’s Hall of Fame ?

     A- 75       B- 89

     C- 97       D- 112

Ans- Option- B


6. As per the brand Finance India 100 report 2019, Which is the India’s Most Valuable brand for the Year 2019 ?

     A- Infosys      B- HDFC

     C- Tata           D- LIC

Ans- Option- C


7. Who has Passed the protection of Human Rights Bill 2019 ?

    A- Lok Sabha   B- Rajya Sabha

    C- NITI aayog   D- Union Cabinet 

Ans- Option- A


8. Which of the Following Indian Naval Ship has embarked on Mission Sagar Maitri ?

     A- INS Sandhayak   B- INS Maker

     B- INS Mysore          D- INS Sagardhwani

Ans- Option- D


9. Who has been appointed as the Chairperson, Inland Waterways Authority of India ?

    A- Amita Prasad     B- Kiran Patidar

    C- Suresh Kumar    D- Arun Kumar Jha

Ans- Option- A


10. Former Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit who Passed away on 20 July 2019 was the former Governor of Which State ?

    A- Jharkhand   B- Goa

    C- Kerala          D- Punjab 

Ans- Option- C


11. When was the Chhattisgarh State Formed ?

     A- 1995     B- 2000

     C- 2002     D- 2005

Ans- Option- B


12. Which Country signed agreement With India to upgrade railways lines ?

     A- Nepal          B- Bangladesh 

     C- Mauritius   D- Sri Lanka

Ans- Option- D


13- Which Telecom company has become India’s second largest Operator by Subscribers ?

     A- Jio       B- Airtel

    C- BSNL   D- Vodafone 

Ans- Option- A


14. Where City hosted the 10th Jagran Film Festival ?

     A- Kanpur    B- Mumbai 

     C- Noida       D- New Delhi 

Ans- Option- D


15. Which of the Following firm has acquired Online travel portal ‘Yatra Online Inc’ ?

     A-     B- Ebix Inc

     C- FINEOS      D- Fadata AD

Ans- Option- B

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