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1. World Day for International Justice was Observed on ?

    A- July 16     B- July 15

     C- July 14     D- July 17

Ans-  Option-  D

2. China has gifted warship ‘P625’ to Which Country recently ?

    A- India          B- Pakistan 

    C- Sri Lanka   D- Nepal 

Ans-  Option-  C

3. Recently in Which Country Fossil of smallest monkey species was discovered ?

    A- Nigeria        B- Kenya 

    C- Australia     D- Egypt 

Ans-  Option-  B

4. Where is the Reko Diq mine located ?

    A- Pakistan    B-  UAE

    C- Iran            D- Afghanistan 

Ans-  Option-  A

5- Who among the Following has won boys U17 Title at Dutch Junior Open tournament in Amsterdam ?

    A- Rohit Tripathi   B- Manish Sen

    C- Neel Joshi           D- Ajay Das

Ans-  Option-  C

6. Which of the Following firm has acquired Co-working firm Innov8 ?

    A- Yatra      B- OYO Rooms

    C- Goibibo  D- Ola Cabs

Ans-  Option-  B

7. The Indian Athletics Federation(IAF) has decided to host a 100 km Asia and Oceania Championship in 2021 in Which City ?

     A- New Delhi    B- Bengaluru 

    C- Bhopal          D- Pune

Ans-  Option-  B

8. United States has celebrated which Missions 50th Year anniversary on 16 July 2019 ?

   A- Pioneer    B- Viking 1

   C- Mariner 4  D- Apollo 11

Ans-  Option-  D

9. Who among the Following has been appointed as the Governor of Chhattisgarh ?

   A- Acharya Devvrat   B- Anusaiya Uikey

   C- Tathagata Roy        D- Anandiben Patel 

Ans-  Option-  B

10. Harela festival is Celebrated mainly in Which of the Following Indian State ?  

     A- Tamil Nadu    B- Assam

     C- Uttarakhand   D- Manipur

Ans-  Option-  C

11. Union Government is Planning to increase the Total Production of coal in the Country to one billion tone by ___ ?

      A- 2020- 23      B- 2024- 25

     C- 2023- 24       D- 2025- 26

Ans-  Option-  A

12. Which Country’s Aerospace has signed a $50 million follow-up deal With Indian Navy ?

     A- Russia    B- France 

     C- Japan     D- Israel 

Ans-  Option-  D

13. When was the spaceflight Apollo 11 launched ?

     A- 10 Jan 1967    B- 16 July 1969

     C- 10 July 1965   D- 15 June 1968

Ans-  Option-  B

14. What is the rank of Novak Djokovic in the Latest ATP Rankings ?

      A-   1        B-    2

      C-   3         D-   4

Ans-  Option-  A

15. Who has been ranked first in the Bloomberg Billionaires Index 2019 ?

     A- Mukesh Ambani   B- Bill Gates 

     C- Jeff Bezos               D- Bernard Arnault 

Ans-  Option-  C

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