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1.International Mine Awareness Day is observed every year on ________.

A- 02 April 

B- 03 April 

C- 04 April 

D- 05 April 

Ans-    C

2. Who has become the oldest Male person in the World ?

A- Bob Leighton

B- Kane Tanaka

C- Chitsu Watanabe

D- Khagendra Thapa

Ans-    A

3. Government has ordered about 10 crore hydroxychloroquine tablets for healthcare workers. hydroxychloroquine  is normally used to treat________.

A- Dengue 

B- Malaria 


D- Smallpox 

Ans-    B

4. Who has appointed as the brand Ambassador of Pokerstars India ?

A- Sara Ali Khan

B- Amitabh Bachchan

C- Ms Dhoni 

D- Shardul Thakur 

Ans-    C

5. Which of the following institute has developed low-cost face shields for protection of first line healthcare professionals fighting COVID-19 ?

A- IIT Madras 

B- IIT Delhi 

C- IIT Kanpur 

D- IIT Roorkee 

Ans-    D

6. Recently, The Competition Commission of India gave its nods for acquisition of stakes in Religare Health Insurance by ________.

A- ICICI Lombard 

B- HDFC Ergo 

C- Trishikhar Ventures 

D- Mahalaxmi Insurance 

Ans-     C

7. What is the Name of India’s First Indigenous Testing kit for COVID-19, Which was launched in Pune ?

A- Clara

B- Patho detect 

C- Policistracker

D- None of These 

Ans-    B

8. The FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup that was scheduled in November Has been postponed. Which of the following country is the host for FIFA Under-17 Women’s World Cup ?

A- China 

B- India 

C- France 

D- Russia 

Ans-    B

9. NIA is investigating its First foreign case for a terrorist attack on a gurdwara in Which Country ?

A- Sri Lanka 

B- Myanmar 

C- Iran 

D- Afghanistan 

Ans-    D

10. At the end of last week of March 2020, India’s Gold reserves stood at _________.

A- $73.83 billion 

B- $18.93 billion 

C- $30.89 billion 

D- $26.48 billion 

Ans-     C

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